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Vampire hunter’s reliquary (sans relic- working on that) June 26, 2012

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Vampire hunter's reliquary (sans relic- working on that)


Bec Noir’s wings

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Bec Noir's wings


Plague Doctor mask

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Plague Doctor mask


Bec Noir (before the nose)

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Bec Noir (before the nose)


so, i forgot i had this thing…

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but i’m costuming again!

this year, the girl and i are going to Otakon again… i’m dressing as a victorian/steampunk-type vampire hunter, and she’s going as Bec Noir from Homestuck. then, the whole family is going to Monster Mania 22 up in Cherry Hill, NJ… the elder son as a plague doctor, the younger son as the Red Death, and the husband as Kurt Barlow from Salem’s Lot. so far, things are progressing well enough. 

pics to come, or see them at 🙂


don’t mind this. July 10, 2011

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just trying something out for my daughter (this is an icon she made)


Art Carnage: Gender Bender! June 21, 2011

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Slowly but surely, I’m getting myself more out there into the arts community. No small feat for someone who is quite the wallflower, content to stay out of crowds and not interact with strangers. To that end, I was accepted as a vendor for The Soundry’s “Art Carnage”, an indie art/craft market and all around good time. This month, the theme is “Gender Bender” in support of Pride month, and I’ve been working on some different things to offer at least some sort of variety in my work. I’m hoping to get some feedback from this show so that I can come better prepared for this particular audience next time (Art Carnage happens every month barring December). Here are some things I’ll have for sale- some new stuff, and some stuff you’ve all seen before if you’ve been reading the blog 🙂

Come on out, support a fantastic arts community, have a good time, and buy stuff! 😉